Black Sand Beach in Bali!

(Keramas, Bali)


It was stupid HOT today, woke up almost choking on heat! Quickly realized that the power was out and the air condition was no longer working... A little message to the landlord, and it got fixed.

Had my go-to breakfast, pitahaya, banana, and mangosteens - It was delicious as always. 

Im traveling with a guy who calls himself the #banacommander, also known as The Raw Advantage on YouTube. And he likes to surf, a lot. He took me down to the Black Sand Beach in Keramas. It was beautiful, they even got a little surf restaurant going on there. Tried to take some footage of him surfing today, but the surf was not up... But I mixed up a little vlog on youtube for you guys to check out here on - Reallymili on YouTube. It will be up tonight at 21:30 Indonesian time.

After a couple of tries to get the surf on, we headed back to the house to eat some more fruit... Did I tell you guys about the amazing fruit here? NO! It is mindblowing for sure! If you ever visit Bali, make sure to eat lots and lots of fruit. 


The other day we went sightseeing a little bit, found this amazing rice-field. Had to pose in front of it, of course, have a little boho-chic moment.

(Dress from ebay)









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