Durian - The Worst or The Best?


Last night we found a new fruit market while we were looking for the king of fruits, the almighty durian. 

Ive heard many stories of this smelly fruit and I can say that Ive heard way more terrible stories than good ones. It was for this reason that I kept on delaying to try my first durian, a voice in my head kept telling me to DO NOT DO IT, it smells so strong, it cannot be good for you! 

But here in Bali, I found it, the tiniest, cutest, and sweet smelling durian and it was time! 


Oh, holy smokes was it amazing!!! Now Im sad I didnt try it sooner, hehe.

What is durian?

Wikipedia answers you:

"The durian is the fruit of several tree species belonging to the genus Durio. There are 30 recognized Durio species, at least nine of which produce edible fruit, and over 300 named varieties in Thailand, 102 in Indonesia, and 100 in Malaysia. Durio zibethinus is the only species available in the international market: other species are sold in their local regions."

"Regarded by many people in Southeast Asia as the "king of fruits", the durian is distinctive for its large size, strong odor, and formidable thorn-covered rind. The fruit can grow as large as 30 centimeters."

"Some people regard the durian as having a pleasantly sweet fragrance, whereas others find the aroma overpowering with an unpleasant odor. The smell evokes reactions from deep appreciation to intense disgust and has been described variously as rotten onions, turpentine, and raw sewage. The persistence of its odor, which may linger for several days, has led to the fruit's banishment from certain hotels and public transportation in southeast Asia. By contrast, the nineteenth-century British naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, described its flesh as "a rich custard highly flavored with almonds". The flesh can be consumed at various stages of ripeness, and it is used to flavor a wide variety of savory and sweet desserts in southeast Asian cuisines. The seeds can also be eaten when cooked."


Well my first experience with durian was amazing, here are some of the tastes that I tasted: pineapple, black pepper, sugar, garlic, banana and ice cream. It was like nothing Ive ever tasted before, my tastebuds were all over the place and it took me a second to know if I loved it or not. It was so hard to focus on one flavor, they all came hitting me at once, hehe. 

If you havent tried it, please do - It was so much fun! 


Tonight Ill be hunting for more!











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Tropical Makeup & Interview over the phone - Bali Blog

 Processed with VSCO with e6 preset

See tutorial here:


This is my first ever makeup tutorial here in Bali, must be honest and say it was a hot one, hehe. Im so used to be filming in my studio back home in Norway with my beloved Canon 750d camera, so to get this tutorial done in one go on my travel camera Sony Cybershot was a bit of a struggle, but it all worked out in the end. The light kept on shifting during shooting and the makeup was all over the place in the end, hehe. I had the makeup on an entire day after shooting, and I must say I was super impressed by the foundation in the tropical heat - It seriously staid put.

Products used in the tutorial:

Makeup Mekka Creamy Concealer

RCMA No Color Powder

NYX Perfect Filter Palette Golden Hour

NYX Ultimate Palette Suger High

Make Up Store Eyeliner Vanilla

Isadora Big Bold Mascara

Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional

L.A. Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation

Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette

Clinique Plum Pop Blush

Makeup Mekka Highlighter Miracle

NYX Butter Gloss Creme Brule


The newspaper called me the other day and wanted to talk a little about a new skincare & Makeup store that is launching in my hometown Trondheim, Norway.

Im super happy to see that new and innovative brands pop up in Norway as well, we sure do need it. Rituals are the name of the store, originally from the Netherlands. Cant wait to explore the store when I get back home. Here is my interview:



Other than that its been chill here in Bali the last few days, I discovered a new beach in Sanur. At first, I thought it was a tourist place, but after spending 5 minutes on the beach I realized it was a local and sweet little beach. Spent 30 mins there sunbathing to get my D-Vitamins for the day, then I got on the scooter and ended up in a BIG mall, soooo now Im sitting here in my bed/office testing out some new things Ive got... Like, freeze dried durian... Wish me luck! 

Much love, see you soon!












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Black Sand Beach in Bali!

(Keramas, Bali)


It was stupid HOT today, woke up almost choking on heat! Quickly realized that the power was out and the air condition was no longer working... A little message to the landlord, and it got fixed.

Had my go-to breakfast, pitahaya, banana, and mangosteens - It was delicious as always. 

Im traveling with a guy who calls himself the #banacommander, also known as The Raw Advantage on YouTube. And he likes to surf, a lot. He took me down to the Black Sand Beach in Keramas. It was beautiful, they even got a little surf restaurant going on there. Tried to take some footage of him surfing today, but the surf was not up... But I mixed up a little vlog on youtube for you guys to check out here on - Reallymili on YouTube. It will be up tonight at 21:30 Indonesian time.

After a couple of tries to get the surf on, we headed back to the house to eat some more fruit... Did I tell you guys about the amazing fruit here? NO! It is mindblowing for sure! If you ever visit Bali, make sure to eat lots and lots of fruit. 


The other day we went sightseeing a little bit, found this amazing rice-field. Had to pose in front of it, of course, have a little boho-chic moment.

(Dress from ebay)









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Worst market Ive ever been to in Bali!


Pasar Badung Market 


A couple of days ago I went to a food market here in Bali that was supposed to be one of the best ones here......


Yeah, that was a good load of bullshit. Parked the scooter after paying entry. Put my feet on the ground, immediately saw it wasnt water, but some kind of moldy-dirty substance I stepped in. Great. I looked up as I was hanging my helmet on the scooter, a BIG rat came by snacking on some dead stuff. The entire place smelled like death.

It wasnt off to a great start I must say, but I thought it would look better once I got up by the fruit.

I walked up a small hill, on each side they had buckets upon buckets with dead smelly fish, my nose at this point almost passed out. 

I got up the hill and found the fruit.... Oh Lordy lord. Oh no! Oh no no. Not if my life was depended on it would I eat the fruit they had laying around there. They placed fruits in small baskets on the wet smelly ground with all the rats hanging around it, they offered to slice you a bite of the fruit with dirty hands and knifes. At this point, my whole body was in shock.

I know Im a person that takes hygiene seriously, I like it that way. So this ended up being a fun, but crazy experience of a new part of Bali instead, hehe. 

They had a bunch of chicken for sale as well, the heads were off and they cut the feets off too, I saw a guy sneeze right on the chicken while doing it. They laid the chicken out on a low table out in 87 Fahrenheit, delicious meal for someone I guess.


But yeah, the fun and extremely troubling thing here - Is that Im not even exaggerating!


Do visit this market if:

You want to see why you should wash your fruit & vegetables. You want to get a look at the local scene. You are a blogger that covers market or places in Bali were not to eat at. You want to experience something totally different.


Do not visit this market if:

You are squeamish. Have a strong sense of smell. Youre traveling with kids. Are afraid of dead things floating by.



Tip: Do use your breathing mask at all times.



Watch the VLOG from the market here:
















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Living my raw vegan dream in Bali!



It all comes down to food, right? 

For me, this food subject has been all over the place for years. Ive been the person that overeats, do not eat as much as I should, not wanting to try new foods, indulging in fast foods so on and so on. 

I went vegan almost 3 years ago now after being a meat eater for 31 years, and this year I tried for the first time raw vegan food.

In Norway during summer I can get a hold of a good selection of tropical fruits, but when thats said you also have to remember that the fruit is picked too early from the tree and shipped out. So the quality of the fruit is below average when it comes to sweetness and a good meal. 

This summer I indulged in watermelon, melons in general, pitahaya, papaya, and mangosteens. It was an awesome change from vegan cooked food to get these fruits in, I felt happy and vibrant. 

I also made a bunch of raw vegan dishes, as zoodles (zucchini noodles), tomato dressings, avocado dressings and more. It took me a while to adjust from cooked food to raw, but it all just made sense to me.


When the season changed to fall/winter, I quickly found myself freezing cold to the bone at all times. So I figured Id balance my food with one cooked meal every day between the fruits. Mostly rice. 

But then I felt a huge difference in my sleeping pattern again, I became more lazy and tired. 

I sat there freezing cold, lazy and absolutely no fresh exotic fruits to eat. 

BALI! Bali is tropical, Bali has fruits growing that I adore. 

This summer I went to Denmark Fresh Food Festival as well, we talked a little about where people were going to spend their winter at. Bali came up, but at that point, I didnt think that it was actually going to happen.

But here I am, in Bali. Eating the best fruits Ive ever eaten, Im here getting to know a new culture and exploring the island.

I feel so blessed to be here, for the first time ever doing something just for myself. 

Ive spent 33 winters back home in Norway, my skin cracked, everything is dark and cold, it literally fucked with my mood being so locked in a cold place with nowhere to go.

Here my skin cleared up in two days, my mood is super vibrant cause of all of the fresh good quality fruits. It's rain season here with a heavy flood every night, making it so moist and humid.

Everyone should experience this once in a lifetime, or make it a full lifestyle.

Do you - when you feel the urge.










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Learning new things in Bali!


I woke up today with a throbbing headache and stuffy nose. But the rest of me is totally fine. I think its from the stuffy weather and the popping volcano just popped again the other day, so its been gloomy up in the sky. Or it might just be that Im adjusting to the tropics. Its all gonna be fine, hehe.


Our landlord here in Bali came by one day with his wife. He asked if it was ok for her to pray outside the house by the temple they have here. Of course, it was! 

It is so beautiful when they light the scented incense and lay down the flowers on the statue. 

He said that they pray for balance, the family, the family theyve lost and they prayed for us. 

And the flowers she used comes from the three right here in our garden, its huge and the flowers grow right at the top of the tree.



I felt blessed and humbled. I asked about a good place to get a decent papaya, he said on the Main Street. Suddenly the wife was gone, a few minutes later she was back with the biggest papayas Ive ever seen! How sweet was she!


One thing to remember in central Bali is that its dirty...! When using a scooter - Protect yourself, this is me at 30 degrees celsius humid weather and a helmet that is too big for me, hehe. 


And this is my neighboorhood - Scruffy dogs are quite common here.


A lovely host, beautiful house, the temperature is tropical and now Im in my underwear.


Bali, You are impressive!









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Whats my plan in Bali?


So many of you guys have asked me what Im doing in Bali for so long?! Well... In my last post, I stated that Im not a fan of the cold winters in Norway, so thats one thing Im doing - Im done being cold to the bone.


Im also eating raw vegan food, l started for real this summer with raw food. The last months Ive included 1 cooked meal every day just to try to get my heat in, but I gotta be honest and say.... Im much more vibrant and happy when eating fully raw vegan. My body responds better overall. In Bali, its no shortage of fresh beautiful fruit!

Of course, Im gonna make "what I eat in a day" videos when Im there, so you can see as well.


Maybe I will make some makeup videos also, I was thinking "lightweight makeup in the tropics"... Let me know!


And Im working on a bigger, amazing and secret project Im bringing with me. This is gonna take up most of the time and I cannot wait to show you guys when its ready!


Other than that.... Learn a new culture, see a brand new city & small towns, try to avoid the horrible snakes and spiders...









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Pink All The Way!!!



So this is one of the last creations from my studio before I head to Bali for the winter.

Im a huge fan of pink... DUH! 

Almost every time I sit down and create, I end up being just about 70%++ pink when I call it the night.

I cant help myself, pink is just the happiest color of them all!


In this look, I used a lot of face paint and eyeshadow for blending. The rest is up to you, it is so incredibly important in my eyes to let yourself be creative, just do. I know its super easy to get inspiration from all over the internet, but what are you? 

I try, at least once a month to sit down, with no plan what so ever and start painting. 

Lets be honest, Im not always happy with everything I make, but I also know that this is how I learn. Im obsessed to learn new things all the time, its just a part of us as human beings.


So this is what I came up with, the look has no name, its just pink. 

Hope you like it and I really hope you treat yourself to create something crazy as well!



Products used:


FAB - Face Paint Pink

Snazaroo - Black Face Paint

Urban Decay - Electric Palette (pink)

Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Beautykiller Palette (pink)

NYX - Ultimate Palette Sugar High 

MakeupGeek - BlackLight Eyeshadow

NYX - Black Eye & Eyebrow Pencil

Isadora - Big Bold Mascara

Makeup Mekka - 5XL Mascara

Flutter Lashes - Provocative

NYX - Pigments 16

Makeup Mekka - Glitter Liner

Star.style.wigs - Unicorn wig


Processed with VSCO with b5 preset



See the video here:










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Im going to Bali!!!

(Big Beach, Maui Hawaii)


Im going to BALI!!! Oh, my freaking word! As you probably can tell - Ive never been there!

Cant wait to see the sun again, its not a secret that I dont like winter... I've been in Norway for 34 winters! Thats way too much if you ask me, so this time I decided to do something totally different.

So right now Im packing, hehe. Im not very good at planning what to bring or what to wear when I go somewhere, but hopefully this time I wont overpack as I did when I went for a month in Los Angeles & Hawaii, haha.

Current situation:

In the last blog post you could see that I love my boho-dresses, so in Bali, im gonna wear long light dresses all the time, it takes less space and they are so super comfy! Im also bringing my Xero-shoes for the best comfort for my feet & they look awesome with any dress or shorts. I might also bring some lightweight running shoes, just in case of rainy days. Speaking of rainy days, this time of year in Bali - It's the rain season!!! I have no idea on how much it would rain, or if it gets cold during the rain... But - Im winging it! I will let you guys know when Im down there.

First time spending Christmas in the tropics - It feels heaven!


(Lahaina, Maui Hawaii)


Follow my journey om YouTube as well:














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Boho Makeup & LookBook

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Instagram & Youtube - reallymili

I have always been a tomboy, not ever learned really how to dress for anything...

I always felt weird in social settings, hehe. But it all kinda changed when I got my long hair and dreads in.

#ad I use Peaks Tape extensions and I got my dreadlocks from Dreads U.K.

All the sudden I felt more feminine on the outside again, I started to integrate my hair into pictures again.

Over the years I have found that I really love the bohemian clothing, its not too tight on my body I feel free and comfortable wearing them.

The feel of a long white lace dress - Was just perfect!

Dude... Dont get me wrong, I still show up in baggy jeans and a hoodie, but at least now - I know its ok to rock a dress as well. 

If you want to see my Boho lookbook, do it here:

And along with the clothes, comes the bohemian makeup as well :)
Here are some photos of a bohemian-style makeup I did the other night:
Processed with VSCO with e3 preset
Processed with VSCO with e4 preset
The camera I use is Canon 750d.


Its all about the FALL colours!


I did this fall inspired look the other day, and here I will leave all the details about the products I used in this makeup.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Pomade in Medium Brown

Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer in Natural

L.A. Girl cosmetics Pro Coverage Foundation in Natural

Cover FX Setting Spray Illuminating 

RCMA No Color Powder

Makeup Mekka Final Touch Baked Bronzer in Wavey

Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette 

Hourglass  Incandescent Strobe Light Ambient

Makeup Mekka Mineral Matte Blush in Lucky

Makeup Mekka 4C Hypnotic Metallics Highlighter Palette


Makeup Mekka Single Shadow in Attitude

NYX Cosmetics Ultimate Palette Sugar High

Makeup Mekka Foil Me Hot Magnet

Makeup Mekka Foil Me Obey

Makeup Mekka 5XL Mascara

Flutter Lashes Provocative


Liquid Suede Metallic Matte in 35​


See the full makeup tutorial here:







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Welcome to my new blog! A recap of this years Halloween

Hi, guys! Welcome.

I do makeup on an everyday basis, so you can only wonder how busy the Halloween season gets here in my studio. This year was crazy, but I loved every second of it. I figured since this is my very first blog post, that you guys could get to see some pics that not yet have been released. I was super lucky as well to be invited to NYX Cosmetics Nordics #getlithalloween Party in Oslo, it was so much fun, and the best way to end this year Halloween. Hope you like it :) 

This was my costume and makeup at the NYX Party:

(photo credit: Mari Torvanger Knap)

And this was my first attempt at creating a character from The Game Of Thrones:


And if you guys didnt catch this year Halloween Makeup Tutorials from me, get them all here:

I will be writing as I go - Adventures awaits, Im about to leave Norway for the winter... Where to?!



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